Room Stanford
2:00 P.m.
How to Maximize Your Revenue by Implementing Esthetic Imaging
Sponsored by Synergy MedSales, Inc.
by Austin JM Podowski
If you are not taking before and after photos, you are leaving 30 percent of your revenues on the table. In the digital information technology age, connecting your clients to their results has never been more relevant. We will explore how a standardized constituency of specialized photos in consultation allow you to connect, educate, and build a foundation of trust. Using photos to expose underlying conditions while boasting efficacy will turn “Call Backs” into Bookings. Are you ready for #therealselfie?
Room Zamora
2:00 P.m.
A Natural Alternative to Injections & Facial Fillers- the 30-minute Boot Camp Routine Facial
Sponsored by Skin Fitness Therapy
by Justin Irwin
We have 600 muscles in our body, 40 of which are in the face. Why wouldn’t we work out our faces the same way we work out our bodies? Learn how the Bootcamp Routine and Bootcamp Challenge can build your business by offering a service that recognizes our American culture of “busy-ness” and delivers maximum results with zero downtime. With this regimen, you can offer your clientele a single 30-minute service, or a series of services that will deliver instantly visible results that will build cumulatively with regular skin training.
Room President
2:00 P.m.
Say Goodbye to Skin Problems in Just Weeks… Guaranteed!
Sponsored by Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care
by Zehava Roisman
This EXCLUSIVE class instructs YOU how to get rid of almost any skin problem in just weeks… Guaranteed! Learn the latest secrets for clearing up acne, scars, pigmentation/discoloration, melasma, stretch marks, rosacea/sebborhea, fungus, wrinkles and so much more! Discover the right techniques to benefit YOUR career and company, learn how to fill in deep lines, lips and other areas NEEDLE-FREE and uncover the BEST way to remove skin tags and tattoos PAIN-FREE! Gold Cosmetics sticks to our slogan, “Your Skin – Our Problem!”
Room Board
2:00 P.m.
Win More With Memberships
Sponsored by The HydraFacial Company
by Salena Deihl
Take customer loyalty to the next level with memberships! From discounts to digital campaigns, create a membership program that will bring clients back every month.
Room Johnson I
2:00 P.m.
Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
Sponsored by Resurgence®
by Lynette Marie OQuinn
Discover how to use the ancient wisdom of Gua Sha in the modern day beauty world. Learn “the secrets” of a simple, yet powerfully effective patent pending treatment system to rid unwanted under eye bags, erase crows feet and release concern lines. Provide a beauty regime to your client for youthful wellness and healthy aging while adding prosperity to your bottom line.
Room Orchid A
2:00 P.m.
Learn How to Earn Big $$$ Removing All Types of Skin Imperfections
Sponsored by Martinni Beauty, Inc.
by Mahely Zerquera
Learn how to add a lucrative new service to your spa, salon or med-spa to satisfy your clients’ requests to remove all types of skin imperfections. This class will teach you how to use an easy to operate technology to permanently remove ruby points, skin tags, age spots, sun spots, freckles, cholesterol deposits, calcium bumps, broken capillaries, pore packets, thick hair and more in just one treatment. Live hands-on demonstration will be given.
Room Orchid B
2:00 P.m.
Deciphering Light Therapy for Today’s Esthetician
Sponsored by Celluma
by Patrick Johnson
Get on board with the hottest trend in esthetics and discover how Celluma Light Therapy can instantly boost results, sales and services! Based on proven science and differentiated from all other LED devices, this webcast will clarify the science behind Celluma and explain why it’s “The Aesthetician’s Choice.” It will dispel the myths surrounding light therapy and make it easy for you to embrace and integrate Light Therapy into your treatment room today!
Room Orchid C
2:00 P.m.
Brows to Brazilian
Sponsored by Depilève
by Deanna Derthick
Learn how to wax effortlessly with Depileve‘s waxing products. Let us show you techniques from waxing basic eyebrows and work down the body to Brazilian waxing. Our educators will show you how easy it can be to do either a basic eyebrow or an advanced Brazilian.
Room Orchid D
2:00 P.m.
Connect The Skin’s Youthfulness Mechanisms
Sponsored by Germaine De Capuccini
by Natalia Sotelo
Learn an intensive professional ageing treatment with a deep and lasting action thanks to its avant-garde ingredients. A winner of the “Skincare Nobel Prize” (prestigious Highest Award at the 20th IFSCC Conference), this treatment turns “ON” the key youthfulness mechanisms to assist on improving fine lines, flaccidity, pigmentation, and dryness. In addition, its unique massage protocol with a metal spoon stimulates the effectiveness for a global facial rejuvenation.
Room Pre – Brickell
2:00 P.m.
Wow Your Clients with Instant Results and Increase Retention Through Effective Facial Massage Techniques
Sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care
by Boldijarre Koronczay
Feeling stuck in the treatment room with the same massage movements? Take your treatments to the next level with active, therapeutic, results-driven Hungarian techniques! While most facial massages focus only on providing relaxation, these Hungarian techniques combine the effects of lymphatic drainage, muscle lifting and kneading, cross friction and tension reduction. The end-result is an instantly radiant complexion, smoothed wrinkles and a more youthful appearance overall. Unlock the secrets of these proven massage techniques to see an increase in results, client retention and retail sales! This presentation includes a live demonstration.
Room Brickell Center
2:00 P.m.
Natural Skin Care & Advances in Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery
Sponsored by Natural Skin Solutions
by Dr. Luis Jaramillo
A big picture look at dynamic changes in the cosmetic industry. Learn how to integrate new tendencies towards natural products and emerging technologies in beauty, cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.
Room Pre-Tuttle
2:00 P.m.
A Physiological Approach to Peels
Sponsored by Circadia By Dr. Pugliese
by Christopher Kuever
Acids are widely used in professional skin care, but some confusion still exists regarding what acids are and exactly how they affects the physiology of the skin. This comprehensive seminar will address the relationship between pH and the strength of peeling acids. Understanding the concepts behind percentages, buffering and pK values will take your results to the next level. Dive into the benefits and drawbacks of Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, and Mandelic Acids and the physiological responses to their applications. This class is a must for all professionals, from beginner estheticians to seasoned professionals. All attendees will receive a professional peel certificate.

This workshop will be instructed in English. Next session at 3:45pm will be instructed in Spanish.
Room Tuttle South
2:00 P.m.
Discover the Power of Permanent Beauty & Earn 4x More
Sponsored by Nouveau Contour
by Nouveau Contour Specialist
We are offering a sneak peek into the world of permanent makeup and microblading application. As a leader in permanent makeup, our essential goal for training is to offer an educational experience that provides you with the skills to deliver the highest quality service to your clients. Nouveau Contour is a global company, which means our training techniques are not only the best offered in this country, but the best available around the world.
Room Gardenia A
2:00 P.m.
Creating a Treatment Plan: At-Home Regimen & Professional Treatments
Sponsored by Vivant Skin Care
by Maryanne Goodman-Millensted
Learn to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and photo-aging with Vivant Skin Care products, a results driven product line formulated by Dr. James Fulton, co-developer of Retin A. Treat even the toughest skin conditions effectively by exploring an array of AHAs, exfoliators and other ingredients that have been tested for 40+ years.
Room Gardenia C
2:00 P.m.
How to Remove Skin Imperfections in A One-Time Treatment
Sponsored by Merry Laz Aesthetics USA
by Gigi Jara & Zahi Kazan
Learn how to remove skin tags, angiomas, pigmentation, broken capillaries, and milias in a one-time treatment with immediate results. Enhance your practice and generate revenue with our perfect touch device.