Room Orchid C
3:45 P.m.
Parafango Back Treatments
Sponsored by Anesi
by Sharon Sulflow
Anesi has been known for its Parafango treatments, providing cellulite and inches lost. Parafango is a waterless body wrap for slimming, firming, toning, detoxifying and re-sculpturing. But did you know it does a fantastic back facial treatment, as well? The medical grade paraffin along with sea mud rich in minerals provides a calming effect, stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the skin. Parafango back treatments are fantastic for customers with neck and back pain. This class is perfect for estheticians and massage therapists looking to increase their business with a new treatment that provides a dual effect: skin treatment along with pain relief.
Room Pre-Tuttle
3:45 P.m.
A Physiological Approach to Peels (en Español)
Sponsored by Circadia By Dr. Pugliese
by Gertrudis Aenlle
Acids are widely used in professional skin care, but some confusion still exists regarding what acids are and exactly how they affects the physiology of the skin. This comprehensive seminar will address the relationship between pH and the strength of peeling acids. Understanding the concepts behind percentages, buffering and pK values will take your results to the next level. Dive into the benefits and drawbacks of Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, and Mandelic Acids and the physiological responses to their applications. This class is a must for all professionals, from beginner estheticians to seasoned professionals. All attendees will receive a professional peel certificate.

This workshop will be instructed in Spanish only.