Room Zamora
2:00 P.m.
Advanced Techniques & High Performance Treatments to Enhance Microneedling, Dermaplaning and More!
Sponsored by Skin Fitness Therapy
by Justin Irwin & Mercy Quinonez
Microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and microneedling provide your clientele with a range of non-surgical, less invasive options that can dramatically improve the appearance of maturing or damaged skin. Using these modalities prepares skin to receive nutrients more deeply and actively. Learn how to choose the perfect pre and post-treatment nutrition for every client seeking an advanced service, and how skin nutrition will directly affect the progression and evolution of each clients’ customized protocol.
Room Johnson I
2:00 P.m.
What Does Your Chin Say About You?
Sponsored by Resurgence®
by Lynette Marie OQuinn
Learn “the secrets” of Resurgence Gua Sha to free yourself, and clients, from the constrictive, stubborn causes than can create a double chin. Discover what the ancients knew about gua sha by following a proven, systematic method that gives you the consistent results you have been searching for. Help your clients regain their youthfulness, elegant posture & greater self-confidence while increasing your customer repeat business and adding to your profitability.
Room Johnson II
2:00 P.m.
CBD In Your Beauty Routine
Sponsored by Hemp Me
by Meira Kreuter
Overview of how CBD can help with health and beauty.
Room Orchid A
2:00 P.m.
Learn How to Earn Big $$$ Removing All Types of Skin Imperfections
Sponsored by Martinni Beauty, Inc.
by Mahely Zerquera
Learn how to add a lucrative new service to your spa, salon or med-spa to satisfy your clients’ requests to remove all types of skin imperfections. This class will teach you how to use an easy to operate technology to permanently remove ruby points, skin tags, age spots, sun spots, freckles, cholesterol deposits, calcium bumps, broken capillaries, pore packets, thick hair and more in just one treatment. Live hands-on demonstration will be given.
Room Orchid B
2:00 P.m.
Why Minkys Creates Successful Lash Artists
Sponsored by Minkys Eyelash Extensions
by Chez George
Why Lashes? Why Certify? Why Minkys? Whether you have lashed for one year, 10 years or have never even touched lashes, we have something for everyone. We will cover the newest trends & techniques, introduce new products, and offer complimentary swag for each participating attendee. Learn how to become a Minkys Certified Lash Artist, Trainer or Volume Expert. We look forward to assisting you in all things Lashes!
Room Orchid C
2:00 P.m.
Brows to Brazilian
Sponsored by Depilève
by Deanna Derthick
Learn how to wax effortlessly with Depileve‘s waxing products. Let us show you techniques from waxing basic eyebrows and work down the body to Brazilian waxing. Our educators will show you how easy it can be to do either a basic eyebrow or an advanced Brazilian.
Room Pre – Brickell
2:00 P.m.
Discover the Best Results-Driven Natural Hyperpigmentation Treatments on the Market
Sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care
by Boldijarre Koronczay
Uncover the solution to hyperpigmented skin by targeting all stages of the hyperpigmentation process. Learn how hormones, pollution, free radicals and inflammation play a role in causing hyperpigmentation and discover how nature offers natural alternatives to hydroquinone! Amaze your clients with the results by designing home care treatments to enhance their skin’s continued transformation
Room Pre-Tuttle
2:00 P.m.
Oxygen and Enzymes for Treating Acne and Rosacea
Sponsored by Circadia by Dr. Pugliese
by Christopher Kuever
The use of oxygen is amongst the most popular, but also most misunderstood treatment, modalities in skin care. Discover the difference between the activity of oxygen entering the body through the lungs, versus the benefits of a topical application. This class will provide treatment solutions for reducing the appearance of rosacea, oxidation processes in lightening and brightening the skin and the ability to control bacteria associated with various types of acne. Discover Circadia’s exclusive featured ingredient profile that helps enhance topical oxygen benefits and penetration.
Room Gardenia C
2:00 P.m.
Microneedling Class
Sponsored by Merry Laz Aesthetics USA
by Gigi Jara & Zahi Kazan
Learn microneedling and collagen induction therapy with the Number One selling device, Meso Touch Plus. Upgrade your skills and update your practice with this cutting edge device! Attendees will receive a certification upon purchasing the product and completing the class.