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3:45 P.m.
Parafango Back Treatments
Sponsored by Anesi
by Diana Dow
Anesi is known for its Parafango treatments that provide cellulite and lost inches. Parafango is a waterless body wrap for slimming, firming, toning, detoxifying and re-sculpturing, but did you know it does a FANTASTIC back facial treatment, too? The medical grade paraffin, along with sea mud rich in minerals, provides a calming effect while it stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the skin. Parafango back treatments are fantastic for customers with neck and back pain! This class is perfect for Aestheticians and Massage Therapists looking to INCREASE their business with a NEW treatment that provides a dual effect: skin treatment AND pain relief!
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3:45 P.m.
Join The HydraFacial Nation!
Sponsored by Hydrafacial MD® & Perk™ – Edge Systems
by Salena Deihl
It’s MORE than a machine, it’s a MOVEMENT! Discover why aestheticians across the WORLD are joining the HydraFacial Nation! Learn how to perform award-winning HydraFacial treatments as you SPARK your creativity with these incentives for avid aestheticians!