MONDAY, October 23
Lead clients to your business by meeting them where they are: their smartphones. The new age of marketing is here, so be ready…
Room Brickell North
2:00 P.M. to 2:45 P.M.
MAXIMIZING Your Business with SEO: Discover UNMATCHED opportunities for YOUR website to be FOUND…
by Amy Carter
You already have a stunning website. Now it’s time to get found online! SEO, or search engine optimization, is what YOU need to learn to help your site show up on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Discover what you need to do with step-by-step walkthroughs by attending this cultivating search engine optimization conference!

Get ready to sharpen your SEO strategies and FLOURISH with these tips and tricks for improving YOUR website’s online appearance!
Room Brickell North
3:00 P.M. to 3:45 P.M.
Cost Effective Ways To Promote Your Business Online:
Uncover how to MASTER Google AdWords and Pay Per Click… Watch Your Profits SOAR!!!
by Amy Carter
Discover the value, power and reach of online advertising tools using AdWords, Facebook Ads and Pay Per Click campaigns! Targeted campaigns can return BIG on your advertising investment, whether it’s a traditional Pay Per Click ad campaign or a sophisticated set of Facebook ads.

Everything you need to know about online advertising is HERE! Whether your budget is big or small, this conference has the inside scoop on how YOU can watch your profits soar!!!
Room Brickell North
4:00 P.M. to 4:45 P.M.
Attract Past AND New CLIENTS!:
Why YOU Need a Multi-Headed Way to Spread Your Message!
by Amy Carter
Learn how a well-rounded approach to online marketing can reach existing and potential clients with powerful, visible messages! From email marketing campaigns promoting specials to existing clients, to targeted Facebook ads that bring new customers to your door, this conference gives YOUR marketing team a BOOST of insight and inspiration!

Are you ready to watch your business THRIVE? Peep this conference to acquire the ultimate secrets to creating POWERFUL marketing messages!
Amy Carter’s goals are to inspire you to become a better leader, to mold you into a smarter business owner, and to help you achieve personal and professional satisfaction! As the owner of one of Indiana’s top salons, Amy knows what it takes to reinvent a business and train a leadership team that’s invested in long-term success. Now it’s her time to help YOU expand your client base, increase profits, operate more efficiently, train a team of leaders and gain personal satisfaction from your professional endeavors!!!